Modular Attenuation - EasyVOID


Modular attenuation crates can be used for the storage and management of surface water.  The EasyVOID attenuation system is designed to withstand vertical loads of 200kn and 400kn allowing these products to be used in trafficked areas providing the perfect solution for attenuation and soakaway applications. EasyVOID is an extremely strong polypropylene water permeable modular unit with a volume of one third of a cubic metre, which, through the use of inter-connecting clips, enables rapid construction of both large and small storage capacities whilst retaining the flexibility required by many schemes.

Key Advantages:

Assembled ready to install with up to 64M³ on a full load
Available in different configurations to meet specific requirements
High load bearing capability capable of withstanding HGV traffic
Simple and fast to install with 3 units per M³
Small modular height (1/3m) allows use with high water tables
Standard connectivity with both 110 or 160mm connections
Lightweight units of under 20kg obviates need for mechanical handling


1000 x 1000 x 333mm (3 x units to form 1 Cubic Metre)

Typical Applications:

Water Attenuation
Water Soakaway

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