Combined Kerb Drainage

The safer, more sustainable choice for combined kerb drainage. Made from 100%  recycled and recyclable material this is a new and improved lightweight improvement on traditional kerb drainage systems. A better way of working for a safer enrvironment.


The combination of a large usable volume and hydraulically efficient material means Polykerb creates fast flows/silt transit.

This aids longevity of structure, system and product, reducing the frequency for future maintenance.

The greater volume and efficiency allows you to design systems within a shallow construction generally installed above a capping layer reducing cost and improving productivity on site.

Polykerbpolykerb 05mtr length half batteredpolychannel polykerb 05mtr length half battered 2

Total Integration

The key to the success of any surface drainage system is its installation and integration. A system has to be installed correctly and equally integrated within varied surfaces across a project which can often have different operational challenges. A precise quality finish during installation with sound integration between the product, system, bed, brace/backing and landscape/surfacing will ensure optimum performance and longevity.

All products have a unique retention element that ensures all units are fixed and fully integrated with the brace/haunch during installation. Each section of CKD is bound by solid iron access and gully outfalls to give you a truly heavy duty and robust combined kerb and surface drainage system.

  • Length = 500mm
  • Width = 215mm
  • Depth = 305mm
  • Profile = Half Batter
  • Designed Weir Height/Kerb-Show = 75-125mm
  • Usable Flow Area = 21,197mm²
  • Roughness Value = 0.009 


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