Funke HS High Strength SN12/16 Sewer Pipe & Fittings



The Funke HS® uPVC gravity sewer system is a high strength, PVC adoptable sewer pipe & fittings system and is accepted for use by almost all UK water utilities as a direct alternative to clay for adoptable foul drainage schemes. The Funke HS® system is far lighter, easier to handle and install with zero breakages and huge reductions in on-site plant and labour requirements. 

Key Advantages:

SN12/16 Stiffness Values

Can be jetted up to 4900 psi

Zero Breakages during storage, transportation or installation

Can be installed as shallow as 500mm depths

Far lighter than clay alternatives

Massively reduced H&S site implications

3Mtr & 5Mtr pipe lengths for increased speed of installation

Pipe can be cut on-site using a standard handsaw


From DN/OD 110mm to DN/OD 800

Typical Applications:

Foul Drainage

Adoptable Drainage

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