Cable Drawpit Chambers


The EasyPIT® system is a range of preformed, structural access chambers that can be manufactured to a wide range of depths.

The 100mm, twin-wall design provides the chambers with both vertical and lateral strength as well as a full seating area for access covers & frames, once installed. Manufactured from highly durable polypropylene, the EasyPIT® system is lightweight and quick to install and available in all industry standard clear openings. All ABC chamber systems are independently tested by Lloyds British PLC, copies of certificates available on request.

Key Advantages:

B125, D400 & F900 Loadings
Vast range of clear openings available
Lightweight yet durable
Pre-drilled duct entries available
Reduced H&S risks for site personnel
Manufactured from 100% recycled and fully recyclable raw materials
Off-Site assembly for reduced installation times, if required.

Technical Info:

Click here for product data sheet

Typical Applications:

Cable Drawpits
Duct Boxes
Highway MCX Chambers
Rail UTX Chambers
Jointing/Splicing Chambers
PRV/PMV Chambers
Bespoke Valve Chambers


Anti-Skid Composite Covers
Ductile Iron Access Covers
Galvanised Steel Access Covers
Duct Entry Bellmouths
150ID/178OD Duct Entry Adaptors
Cable Bearers, Brackets & Pins
Manhole Steps



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