Manhole Ladder System

The UKCA marked EasyRISER® modular manhole ladder system was developed to provide an “ex-stock” solution for Storm, Foul and Potable water ladder applications. Manufactured in the heart of the UK, the EasyRISER® ladder is the market leading modular ladder and is supplied onto all major water utility networks including; Severn Trent Water, Thames Water, Anglian Water, South West Water, Scottish Water, United Utilities, Wessex Water and Yorkshire Water.

Key Benefits

Design Capabilities

EasyRISER® ladders are modular by design and consist of stiles, rungs, wedges, brackets and tapers. Complete ladders can be assembled by unskilled labour and in just a matter of minutes using standard hand-tools.

Superior Flexibility

Each stile measures 685mm long, 72mm wide and 32mm thick. The ladder width outside the stile is 435mm, 380mm internal and the rungs are 30mm diameter with 300mm spacing. Ladders are supplied with standard 250mm long brackets that suit both radius and flat chamber walls.

Strength to Weight Ratio

Contractors and water utilities will see major benefits from the EasyRISER® ladder regarding H&S issues. At approximately 6 kgs per metre, the ladders are 70% lighter than galvanised and stainless alternatives.

Versatile Solutions

With two options available, Grey for Storm * Potable and Yellow for Foul and highly aggressive environments, the EasyRISER® is the UK’s market leading modular manhole ladder and widely used and specified by most UK water utilities.

High Performance Material

Ladders are manufactured from two different raw materials dependent on application. For Foul (Yellow), we manufacture using PBT (Polybutylene Terephthalate) and for Storm (Grey) using Nylon 66.

Rapid Installation Times

Traditionally, manhole ladders were fabricated from galvanised mild steel or stainless steel which had extended fabrication lead times. The EasyRISER® ladder is available ex-stock and can be delivered on a next-day basis, if required. There is no pre-measurement required on-site as components can be assembled to any length and cut to exact lengths using a standard hand saw.

Independent Testing

EasyRISER® ladders have all been independently tested in accordance with BS14396 – Fixed Ladders for Manholes. We batch test every production run to ensure full compliance with the requirements set out in the standard

Utility Acceptance

The EasyRISER® system has been successfully installed on most utility networks including;

Options & Accessories

  • Retractable Hand Holds
  • Stainless Steel Through Bolts
  • Manhole Safety Chain
  • GRP Manhole Handrail
  • AMPS Platforms


  • BSEN14396:2004
  • SfA – 8th Edition
  • CESWI – 7th Edition
  • ISO9001
  • ISO14001

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