Manhole Safety Chain & Fixings

Manhole Safety Chain kits for use in storm and foul sewer and deep drainage applications. Sewers for Adoption and Highway specification manhole safety chains supplied in Grade 316 stainless steel together with fixings.

Key Benefits

Product Overview

Manhole Safety Chains are predominantly used when sewer outflow pipes are greater than 525mm. They provide a lifeline to a worker, should they accidently fall into the pipe whilst working in the manhole chamber.

Design Flexibility

Manhole chains are available in various industry standard lengths and in kit form. Each kit consists of 8mm chain, eye-bolts, D shackles, carabiner and through bolts.

Installation & Operation

Usually, the safety chain assembly would be positioned close to the opening of the outflow pipe as possible, then allowing the worker to grab hold of the chain and prevent being carried further into the sewer system. Through the use of the carabiner clip and eye-nuts, the chains can be lowered into the outflow pipe during maintenance or construction work and then returned to their storage position once work has been completed.

High Performance Material

Manhole Chains are supplied in Grade A4 316 stainless steel which allows for product to be installed in both storm and foul sewer manholes.

Industry Compliance

Chains are fully compliant with WRc Sewers for Adoption 7th Edition and Sewers for Scotland 3rd Edition. They also meet the requirements set out in the Civil Engineering Specification for the Water Industry (CESWI) 7th Edition.

Options & Accessories

  • GRP Flooring
  • Manhole Ladders
  • GRP Manhole Handrail


  • SfA – 8th Edition
  • CESWI – 7th Edition
  • ISO9001
  • ISO14001

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