Manhole Ladders - EasyRISER® Modular Manhole Ladder System


The CE Marked EasyRISER® composite modular ladder system has been developed to provide a ladder for Storm, Foul & Potable Water applications that can be supplied off the shelf for next day delivery. Designed to be a direct alternative to galvanised and stainless steel ladders, the EasyRISER® system offers considerable savings over traditional materials.

Key Advantages:

The modular design allows for transportation over long distances more economically than fully assembled ladders.
Ladders can be measured, assembled and installed on the same day.
The EasyRISER® ladder system has been independently tested to BS14396 and is CE marked.
The ladders have excellent insulation properties and as such can be used where electrical cables are present.
Contractors and Water Utilities will see major benefits regarding Health & Safety issues particularly weight. At approx. 4kg per linear metre the ladder is 70% lighter than galvanised steel alternatives.
There is NO maintenance required other than occasional cleaning with a pressure hose if required.
EasyRISER® ladders have a 25 year guarantee.


Each module of the EasyRISER® consists of two stiles, two rungs and four wedges. Each stile measures 685mm long, 72mm wide and 32mm thick. The ladder width outside the stiles is 435mm, 380mm internal. The rungs are 30mm diameter and are at 300mm centre spacing.
Supplied as standard in a 3mtr box, ready assembled and bespoke ladder lengths can also be supplied.

Typical Applications:

Manhole Chambers
Pump Shafts
Well Chambers
Combined Sewer Overflows


Retractable Hand Holds
GRP Handrailing


The EasyRISER® manhole ladder system has been successfully installed on most water utility networks, including:

  • Scottish Water
  • Thames Water
  • Wessex Water
  • South West Water
  • Northumbrian Water
  • United Utilities
  • Severn Trent Water

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